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I need free dental work

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Hayden Tribe

Have you looked to see if your community has any dental colleges or universities ? Dental schools will do dental work because they are a "teaching" facility. Sometimes they will also go by your income so if you have little or none it may not cost much and you may be able to work out some type of payment plan. Just a thought.

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I am 39 years old female with no Dental Insurance and very bad teeth. I am in constant pain and afraid I will lose the rest of my back teeth. I live in Columbus, Ohio and I am looking for a Dentist who can help me with my teeth and possible payment plan for the work. If anyone has any information please email me at Thank you

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yes, im a single mother of 4 and have insurance, but not enough money to pay for dentures, i have rotton teeth, from many years of ulcers and stress, and not goingto the dentist, my kids always came first, i need advice on the best way to go, and i also have gum disease, all the help would be appreciated.

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omg! you probably need a root canal and a crown or two at minimum. i have been there and done that and it isnt fun.i would not use super glue temporary it may be ok and seem to work but really what happens is the corrosion and decy underneath the super glue will get worse! definitly a tough problem! i have racked my brain trying to figure out a way to invent something that would eliminate the dentist! and have had to do the do myself dental. so far the only way i know of to get rid of all that aches and pains rotten roots corrosion decay and tarter is to just get em all pulled and get choppers[dentures] people say it sucks,all dentists will tell you dont do it! but i know several people that have them and they have never missed a meal,never complained about em, and the best part? once you have dentures its the end of the dentist! my mother had all her teeth pulled at 18 and got dentures[back then it was pretty cheap] she has not been to a dentist since! my whole mouth is uncomtorable from shitty dental work and i have spent at least 30 k out of pocket to keep my teeth.a mistake on my part!genetics have a lot to do with teeth and well... i wish i would have just left about three fourths of the dental work i had done alone! and or just got dentures. i still have all my teeth but they are so botched up i can hardly eat on one side of my mouth and just about every other tooth has some problem. cavities underneath crowns, bad root canals, poor fitting crowns,giant cavities that are now bigger cavities and fricking gum disease! i went thru periodonal surgery and it wasnt real terrible but it just didnt last! i wish now i would have just got dentures a long time ago one thing i have found that keeps my teeth and gums manageable is ... a sonic care toothbrush! use it after every meal! use floss! use mouthwash ! it really does help! just work like hell to not get a root canal! if you do? its either fork out big money or pull it! ugly! dentists are funny ,i have found that either they are very good or very bad! most burn out fast! get a young one that can see well! as far as cheap or free dental? sorry but that does not exist unless you are very lucky and know a dentist personally. you can get a tooth pulled for free or maybe some cavities filled but you get what you pay for.the work usually isnt too good.anything major? forget it. there are free clinics still a few but they are rapidly dissapearing. try to find one and at least find out whats going on. if you have bad roots you can take some anti biotics and this will clear up infection and inflamation temporarily. but most dentists dont really want to do this. a decent crown and root canal done right is going to cost you between 1000-3000 no matter what even if you have insurance. dont go to a krummy place for dental work! im telling you this, you will probaly come out worse in the long run i got a root canal and a crown in tiajuana mexico done for 300 bucks in 1979 and i got lucky. that crown is still there! its gonna fail soon but a root canal and crown that lasts for almost 30 yrs is pretty good! i have had other work done and it was thousands and it was horrible work! dental work is always risky! excpecially nowadays with everyone in a hurry hurry mode and what happens is you pay good money for lousy work! its just life in the 2000,s its really hard to get anyone to do anything right! and pricey pricey when i was born my mother said the hospital bill was 110.00 lol now? having a kid is about what ten grand? and im not counting birth to age 18. its too bad whats happened in todays world. it just keeps gettin more and more uptight and medical politics really suck! avoid any insurance dentist! they work cheap because they are in it for just the money the only way to get good dental work is to pay cash.but most of us know this i feel your pain and frustration! i really do. just hang in there but at least go get a checkup and some xrays of only the teeth that are bothering you.if you dont do this you could have a heart attack or a stroke! teeth are a real pain! anyway,my 2 cents peace!

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dental is a real pain in the ass!no matter what you do. if your lucky you were born with good teeth and gums if not? join the millions of people who will lose their teeth simply because of not eneogh money.even if your retired and have medicare your screwed! medicare wont do anything for you . i think this is really rotten! i dont think im alone on this dental insurance is a joke! free dental? no such thing! i do feel for all you folks that posted and wish i could help but really cant except for some advice. my story... when i was young i had a lot of dentists make things worse for me! silver fillings suck! got a little cavity? i think your better off to leave it alone! all a filling does is give you a bigger cavitie eventually. yes i have had lousy dental work and i know im not alone here. i have a a ton of dental work done in my life and its been a constant battle!i gave up on insurance and about 10 yrs ago i spent about 30 grand on fixing my mouth [so i thought] anyway at first it seemed like it was going well ,i had all the silver removed and had numerous crowms root canals and deep cleanings etc etc,it just kept going on and on! everytime i thought we were done? the dentist would say oh we got that one tooth here that needs this or that blah blah blah. after all this long term dental restoration was done? well i had to file bankruptcy over it! it just put me over the edge. then came periodontal disease omg! i was employed at the time and fought the ins co for about two yrs before i saw the periodoninst for for 3 quads of oral surg! one quadrant was denied unfairly but at least i got three done.wasnt a lot of fun except for the nitrous oxide and the percodan afterwards.those stitches are annoying! i did quit smoking when i decided to have this done and that was a good thing too.well the gum disease is bck and the expensive dental work that was done? its all fallen apart and needs more work and im looking at 30 or 40 grand! i cant afford it and i have decided to just let em fall out one by one and eventaually get dentures. i wish one dentist in the 10 or so i have seen would have just told me the truth which is... you have very soft enamel, you have bad gums and major dental work will only be a temporary thing. to make things worse i have some sort of a bone growth on the roof of my mouth and its gettin bigger! all the dentists want nothing to do with it! the periodontist was at least pretty honest with me about things though.he said i would have to remove it eventually because i cant have an upper denture there unkess the bony thing is cut out ewwwwww .im no stranger to pain but i hate the politcs of healthcare and all the money money money part .then theres the conservative crap of under medicating you. many times after a root canal the dentist would tell me oh just take tylenol for a few days.bullshit! tylenol itself will ruin your teeth and gums .i know this because i have been on vicodin morphine etc for years now[chronic pain in my spine] where im at now? i still have all my teeth but i know they are in terrible cond and they hurt! im disability retired at age 49 and ???? theres no way i can afford dental work on 1100 a month from soc sec and medicare does no dental! this irritates me!i think its mean spirited and cruel. people work their whole life away,pay into the system and then bad teeth? tough shit! no money no dental its that simple. the best you can hope for is that a dentist will actually pull a bad tooth! but most refuse.they claim its unethical.nonsense! its just dirty politics and money really frustrated! half of my mouth is pretty good but the rest is half ass! i have one stainless steel crown on an upper molar and i wish i would have never had it done but that was stinginess on the insurance co.they saved a few hundred bucks perhaps but now im stuck with it and no dentist will take it off for fear of breaking the root canaled tooth brittle , hard to get off, better to leave alone etc. another pet peeve of mine is cleanings. no dentists are interested in doing this it seems[no moey in it] and everyone of them says you need root planing and scaling and well 1200 bucks? once a yr? in the old days a cleaning was the same thing as this planing and scaling crap.i do need it but a lot of people dont and dentists will try to talk you nto it!and of course insurance never covers it,same ol shit. one time i got talked into bleaching and i said yes after quitting smoking because a lot of my teeth were yellow so 800 bucks later? i had some whiter teeth but the dentist failed to tell me the bleach would not color the crowns! i was pissed! i have only had two dentists that were good! one of them is dead now and the periodontist? hes a good guy but i cant afford him! one dentist at least leveled with me and suggested i try to keep the bottom teeth at all cost.he said at least with a denture up top there will be some suction but the bottom would be troublesome if i had choppers there . im gonna call em choppers[slang for dentures]im going to try to get this bony groth thing reoved somewhere somehow and then? i dont really ever want to see a dentist ever again if possible. i know this sounds bad but the less i see the dentist the les dental problems i have! if an abcess comes up and it will eventually i will just go to an emergency room as an indigent person and try to get it pulled.i know they wont or cant repair it so? it really is a pain in the ass... dental work and dental not looking forward to it but im going to get dentures probably down in mexico. i dont want or need heart problems! or any more stress in my life. we all need to eat though and i think its fucked up that in a civilized country dental is so outrageous .i would not want to be a dentist only because i wouldnt want to give more than half my income to some ins company! the irony? its just about impossible to sue a dentist for malpractice! most of my dental headaches now are the result of opiates for chronic pain.they ruin your teeth! my workers comp wtty filed for teeth injuries but im sure i wont ever see any dental repairs.maybe a few bucks but by the time i settle my case? i wont have any teeth! that or i may be dead by then. i have never hated any one or anything in life but now im realizing i hate ins companies! they are ruining america. im very very depressed! and will contunue to be until i get workers comp off my ass! i know it aint a perfect world but i still think its shitty that our govt takes about half of everyones income for 30 or 40 yrs then says sorry medicare doesnt cover dental.what a bunck of crap. usa can afford millions a day to fight religous wars but cant take care of its own people! theres solutions to all problems but the powr structure isnt interested!.one way would be for dentists to not have to buy insurance ,you sign a waiver saying you cant sue and and your dental bill would be less than half! but again... insurance companys are running your life.theres no escape! cameras everywhere etc etc what kind of world are we living in? i hope re incarnation isnt tru cause i do not wanna come back to this planet! i do beleive in an afterlife but lets just hope its better than earth.hell? dont believe in it.if such a place exists its here on earth! psychiatry and psychology? same bullshit as dentistry! all the shrinks say is well u should get a job and,,, phuck that! im disabled now why is work so important? most jobs are meaninless and everybody has eneogh worthless crap already.we are a wastefull society. i think 1929 is comong again so ? ok i will stop bitching now, i do feel for all you people with the dental headaches. i go t a plan! i just want to go live out the rest of my life somewhere in peace without hassle. the dentist? its a shitty deal no matter what and it wont change! but good luck to all of you struggling and thanks for listening. disgruntled in so california.........

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I know this is not a fix, but Wal Mart sells a kit for temporary fixing ones tooth if the filling has fallen out. The cost is about $5.00. This is meant to be used as a temp. solution until you can get some other type of help. In my old book of free health care tips.. I found a page on dental. It reads; There are 53 Dental Schools across the United States who provide low cost dental care. The Dental Schools offers dental services provided by their dental students who are instructed, monitored, and procedures are checked by a licenced dentist who teaches or volunteers at the school. These dental schools charge on income levels. Your yellow pages should have a phone number for the Dental School. If not, follow the link below. Another place to find dental help is to call "The Dental Society" in your state. They keep a list of the dentist in the area who offer low cost dental programs. Ask the Dental Society if they have information on the Clearinghouse that list local Dentist who offer low or volunteer services in your area. Lastly I would go to the link I am adding below, "The National Institute of Dental Research", (this is part of The National Institute of Health). On this web site go to links on left side of window, click "Finding dental care", this will give you the information on your state for the listings I talked about earlier in this email. Also look at all the information on this web page. It has clinical trials and much much more. Good luck in your guest.
The National Institute of Dental Research

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super glue

Please help, I'm 28 years old and have two children. My teeth started to get worse with the pregnancies. I need so much work done in my mouth, I get head aches everyday, ear pain constantly and teeth pain. Once a very long time ago I had a cavity filled in my front tooth, years have gone by and its so bad that I have to use super glue to keep it in place, and the super glue is eating away at both front teeth. I need help, please.

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ok lets try this does anyone know anything about dental work in mexico? i heard its only a fraction of what it cost in US..but also dont know how safe it is .

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just doing a test post dont think my last one worked

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Hi all. It is nice to be able to read your stories. I am also suffering from broken teeth and others that are not far behind. It is very hard on me. I do not like to smile anymore, and I have spent everyday of the last seven years in alot of pain. I am only 30 and my teeth have destroyed my confidence. It is a horrible thing and I have been unable to find any help to solve this. I was able through freinds and family to scrape up enough money to fix my one front tooth that got broken when I was jumped one night by three men who mistook me for someone else. It was nice of them to do but that cost $700 dollars so can you imagine what it is going to cost me to get the rest fixed, and they are all messed up!

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im a a 23 yr old male. i slipped on the ice while shoveling my friends side walk, i need some serious help. 3 of my upper front teeth are broke, 2 to the gum and i in half. i have no insurance and its gonna cost like 3000 just to the root canals, not including the fake teeth. what can i do.

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wow...i thought i was alone.i recently lost my front tooth...i cant ever be happy again...i dont feel worth living at times...i have been so isolated, depress, u name it..i hate my self...i am never going to be a normal person...who would want me like this? i cant afford it or will nver be able to get a tooth ...i am hating everyday...this is so devastating it's hell!


Hello, please call 1-888-765-6789 for an application ,this is the Columbus Health Dept. They will work with you. Please hold that head up and go forward.. This website link has more references for you.Copy-Paste if you can. search?q=cache:TjoRd9rctoMJ:ww set/iu_files/Community_Health/ Dental_Care__11_05.pdf+columbu s+ohio+low+income+dental+care& amp;hl=en&gl=us&ct=cln k&cd=2

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I am 58 years old and have lost everything. I work everyday and do not have any health insurance. I need desperate help with my teeth. the are all breaking off and I can not eat. I am getting physically sik and afraid to open my mouth for fear of making others sick, I will make payments or do ANYTHING if I could find help. I would rather die than to continue to be sick and hungry. All I can eat now is strained foods. I live in Columbus, Ohio. If there is any one that can help PLEASE contact me. I will do anything. Please help me. I want to be able to smile before my days are up , Please

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My husband and I are in need of a dentist that will provide a monthly dental plan for dental work. My husband who is 43 lost his front top and bottom teeth. He has cancer. He would like implants but they are probably too extensive for a dental plan. If we can get partials, we would settle for that right now. I am 42 and I have cracks in two of my teeth. One tooth needs a root canal and I need to replace 7 fillings that I have had for over 30 years. I have dental insurance but it is only for specific dentists. I go to Monarch but I have been unable to find a dental plan to assist. If you are a dentist in Fort Worth, TX area and have a dental plan that I can get on with reasonable costs, please contact me. I was able to afford the dentist until my husband developed Hodgkins' Lymphoma cancer four years ago. Now I don't have enough money to pay for it all at once. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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Hi, I just found this website simply by accident...are you still in need of dental coverage? We can help you! We can also help you with your finances as well if you are open to making more money. Dial toll free 877-863-7803 Dorothy

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Hi, I'm a 29 year old female with many dental problems. I have always had bad teeth since I was little. My mom never could aford to take me to the denist. I just had a baby and due to that I have peridontal disease. I went to a denist but it's gone to cost 7,000 to fix all of my teeth. Can anyone help. I'm unemployed looking for a job. I don't smile I hate the way I look. You can contact me at

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Hi. Um I don't know if I'll be of any help but I am in somewhat of the same situation. I haven't been to a dentist in like 15 years and my teeth are really starting to hurt now. There are many things I know that I can't eat and many I am afraid to try. I seriously have like 8 cavities. Recently I have been looking into dental clinics at colleges and churches. They are very reasonable price wise (like $20 a visit or something) and although I haven't tried them yet I have heard only good about them. It's worth a try. Hope that I helped a little. Good luck to you and I hope you feel better soon.:)

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If your A Vet you can go to the VA for assistance

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