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I need free dental work

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hi I'm a male 36 years I have been struggling with dental problems since I rememberI have laws about 6 of my teet and I know your smile is the more important thing I struggle to and I'm embarrassed to laugh I want to see if there's any buddy out there they can help me out financially thank youand God bless you
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NeedAdvicePronto   in reply to getfreedental
Hi, a few years ago I had a tooth pulled on the side of my top left teeth. I have not been able to replace it or get braces because of financial issues and I don't have any insurance.My top front teeth have slowly been shifting to the left towards where the empty space is. It's getting worse and I'm getting scared. I know I need braces,but I don't know how to go about this if I don't have insurance and money is an issue.
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getfreedental   in reply to dental123
Hello. Please let me know more information about your dental programs. I maintain a site full of free dental clinics that receives countless of visitors per day. I suspect those in the Boston area would love to know about it. Thank you and God bless.
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hi my name is crystal d and im in need of dental help fast i think i need these teeith pulled fast if anybody could help let me no fast im in indiana also my head hurt and my mouth i have no health onurance at this time
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getfreedental   in reply to the nanmeister
Good point. Local clinics may offer financial aid of some sort. Carefully look through the conditions prior to signing anything though. Take care and God bless.
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the nanmeister
I have the same problem and what I did is called my local dental clinic and found out that they have a financial aid program you can try that and see if it will work for you. its a program that is slightly different than Medicaid and supposedly this program will cover dental work ill be finding out on july 1 good luck
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getfreedental   in reply to ilovejesus2
Hello, I know someone who recently had some gum work done. He had a receding gum and a periodontist performed a tissue graft to reinforce the tooth. Have you consulted with a specialist? If not, look for a free consultation - most dentist will offer a free consult. Take care and God bless.
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ilovejesus2   in reply to getfreedental
Im in dire need of gum surgery but medicaid will not pay I live in Pennsylvania and no one offers anything here for free I'm so scared to lose my bottom front teeth Ive already lost almost all my teeth but I have all crowns can't afford anymore dental work should I wait till they fall off n pray that medicaid with give me partials what should I do I'm only 31 years old..and no money..Thank you for any advice you may have..god bless.
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getfreedental   in reply to dixierebel45
The cleaning and tooth pulling are doable at most clinics. In additional the front partial might be doable as well. Take care and God bless.
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getfreedental   in reply to mysticdreamerz
I have been helping people for years with dental issues in part as a result of my own experiences and experiences shared by other friends. Find a local dentist that will offer a free evaluation (most will). If they ask for insurance, tell them you have money set aside. If they suspect you do not have the means to pay, they may not offer a free evaluation. Nonetheless, the evaluation will tell you what is needed and will arm you with great information. Reach out to nearby dental clinics and ask if they are seeing patients and let them know what is needed, etc. In addition, you might consider contacting a local or nearby university with a dental school. Many dental students need practice patients:). Take care and God bless.
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dixierebel45   in reply to sc00byd0031
I need cleaning,tooth pullef an a parial in front,can you help
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Hello, I’m in need of help getting my teeth fixed. I have very low income with 2 kids to take care of. I can’t get a job, nobody wants to hire me cause I have no experience and I can only work mothers hours, then of course they see my front teeth and snub me. I hate asking for help but I am desperate. I want to get out of the living situation I am in and be in a better one. So I am asking for someone to please help me.
Thank you.
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getfreedental   in reply to caflower11
How much dental work do you need? Have you been recently evaluated? If not, you should be able to get a free evaluation. It's important to maintain your health with shakes for something similar. Take care and God Bless.
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getfreedental   in reply to anie
Great to hear that you have insurance. Having insurance is truly a set in the right direction. How much is your co-pay? Take care and God Bless.
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my name is anthony 56 years of age. i need upper and lower teeth remove because they are bad. i have insurance but it is not enought to cover the cost. the co-pay is to high for me. can i get help.
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caflower11   in reply to getfreedental
I need dental work, can't do shakes, protein or otherwise.
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getfreedental   in reply to caflower11
Unfortunately, you are not alone. Eating is tough when you don't have teeth or have a mouth full of pain, but it is important put food in your body. A good option? Try to drink protein shakes. They taste good and are loaded with a bunch of good stuff for the body. Take care and God Bless.
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caflower11   in reply to HoneyG
I'm starving, no money and it's impossible to eat most foods anymore.
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caflower11   in reply to HoneyG
Eating is a huge problem.
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