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I need free dental work

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 in response to Roseb441702...   I can not agree with you more, I tried to get my son into the clinic here where he was born, and they are not excepting new patients. Well I came right out and ask her if it was because of all the non americans taking up all the room and she agreed. I am still looking for help with my son to get all of his teeth removed from mountain dew mouth syndrom.I am waiting on pepsi co. pending an ins claim they did on his behalf.If you can think of any dental programs that do pro bono pl let me know thanks
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Schedule an appointment at the Clayton State University Dental Hygiene Clinic. They can give you a cleaning (35.00) which you will need before any restorative dental work; x-rays (25.00) which you will also need and an overall exam (10.00). That is very cheap. At the clinic they can give you a list of other clinics to finish the restorative work you may need. 

The following are clinics that provide services at reasonable prices that will be based on your income. Very affordable:

Good Samaritan Health Center of Atlanta

Good Samaritan Health Center of Cobb

Whitefoord Elementary School Health Clinic

You can also check your local health departments.

Dental Schools are another option. They are always looking for patients (who meet certain requirements) for the board exams and other licensing exams. 

There is affordable help out there. I know it is hard to find and I hope this helps. 

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Wow - not sure where to begin with this:)  I know how you feel.  Rose makes a good point - help is available but you need to know where to look which is tough if you don't know what you don't know:)  Many great men and women serve to protect this awesome country.  Sure, this country is not without faults, but the same can be said for MANY other countries.

There are many capable dentists and doctors in other countries such as India but a overwhelming majority of the people cannot afford their services (much more so when compared to America).  The fees might seem relatively cheap compared to those in the US, but they are considered high for those living in the country.

Ask around and research - you will find help:)  Take care and God Bless!

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Actually I think it is a lot more complicated than that!  I do grant research all the time and have found that there are quite a bit of grant programs out there to help people.  The problem is that most people don't know about them.

Then on the other hand you have those that come from somewhere else who are able to apply and get accepted for these programs and you wonder how could THEY know about it and not the American people?


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Reply to Anonymous:--If you think America sucks at taking care of its people you should count your blessings that you dont live in India or the Middle East or Africa and I could go on and on. The USA gives more to its citizens than any country in the world. There is help across the board for almost anyone qualified to recieve it. Exactly what need do you think you might qualify for. Almost every Aidmate has information  on dental help in every state but you might have to do some digging to find it.. I would be glad to refer you to someone that might have the info you need but I'm not sure of what need your talking about. sheshe030


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America sucks with taking care of it's citizens, plain and simple. SO many things can be done to help, not hurt people but when greed and power are involved well it probably won't happen.

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 in response to denise4873...   

Hi Denise,

Bulimia can surely damage teeth.  You may find your teeth are more sensative to temperatures (extreme hots and colds).  If you have not been to a dentist, look for one that is willing to offer a free consultation.  A licensed dentists can evaluate your situation and offer assistance.

Take care and God Bless!

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Hi bl'ast,

Epilepsy is a challenge in itself.  If you have not been to a dentist, seek one who offers a free consultation - there are many out there.  A free consult will give you a starting point.  I have helped many people over the years and a good portion have had extractions.  If you are in need of extractions, seek a local clinic.  Many will provide extractions for little or no costs.  Serious money comes into the picture if you need more work done.

Take care and God Bless!

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 in response to bl'ast...   


I hope you can find some help here 


and there is another source of free dental clinics here

There is two choices there.

Try your local university that teaches dental to students as they have clinics that are low cost...

Hope you find help with one of these alternatives for dental care

Wishing you the best


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I am a 35 year old man that has been dealing with bad teeth the majority of my life. Genetically bad teeth unfortunately. My current situation is very difficult. I am unemployed with no insurance whatsoever. I also have epilepsy so a lot of my financial resources go to pay for my doctor and medication. I desperately need an extraction of a broken tooth that is keeping me from eating and sleep. without sleep, my chances of complications with the epilepsy increase dramatically. I am in pain and very there anything you can do?

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my name is denise i live in troy new york.i suffered from balemia(dont know how to spell it)so my enamel became really weak.i have had to have teeth removed and are now in danger of losing my kanines and looking for either caps and implants.i have no income right now.i take care of my father 24/7.he is paralyzed and has terminal cancer.i would even want to know if veneers would work.please help me someone. i am too young to stop smiling.especially because i have a daughter who ofcourse brings my life joy..and i so much want to smile at her.even if i could make small payments a month.please help me.

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You might try a dental school, depending on where you live, you may be able to find a school near you.

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 in response to getfreedental...   thank you,thats true in jan it will renew,thanks
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Wow - I have heard similar stories from others ... it stinks when you have insurance but their coverage is so limited.  I have two thoughts ... 1 - shop around.  Most dentists will charge different rates depending in part on the stability of their practice.  The longer they have been around and the larger their client base, the higher they may charge.  Find a new dentist relative fresh from school trying to start their own practice.  These dentist are hungry for new clients and will entertain most offers.  Since you are insured to some degree, you will be warmly received:)  ...  2 - schedule your dental procedures to your benfit.  Meaning, if you have have half of your dental work done in Dec and the other half in Jan, chances are your insurance will renew Jan 01 and your benefits will be renewed.  Keep in mind that if you need any more dental work the following year, you might be in trouble.

Hope this helps - take care and God Bless!

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im about ready to try to extract myself,i tried social services,i wrote to a big shot in the health dept,there is no help,i have dental thru my wifes insurance,i went to a dentist to get my bottoms extracted and he took xrays and impressions,my insurance only pays 1250.00 a year,this dentist charged 674.00 he used about 65%  of my dental allotment,i went a year or better with no income,they just approved my disability,my doctor wants to do back surgury but wont until i have my dental problem taken care of.i dont like talking bad about people,but this dentist was not worried about helping me he just wanted to bill my insurance company,anyone have any idea's????

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 in response to Staten5...   

a couple years ago my grand daughter hit me in the mouth so hard it knocked my front tooth and the  one next to it loose,the front one soon fell out but the other one hung on so long that my gums became so painful that i had to pull it out myself.that was yesterday now i cant even describe the pain and one whole side of my face is really swollen.i have no insurence yet every place ive called says my husband makes to much for any assis.any suggestions?


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 in response to tam51...   

Hi tam51,

I wanted to mention one more thought - fluorosis!:)  Fluorosis is a condition that can occur in childhood when someone receives too much floride.  I know people with fluorosis.  The condition can vary from mild to severe.

Take care and God Bless!

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Get Free Dental, I think it's great that you offer grants for those who desperately need dental care now! We need more people like you who are willing to offer resources and help to those in need.

But if you still can't get dental insurance because you don't qualify, it's too expensive or have exhausted all other avenues--I would look into dental benefits. It's not insurance but rather a discount benefits program where you save a lot of money on the dental work your need done. You have to pay out of pocket anyway so why not save?

I've helped an overwhelming amount of people (very similiar to those who have posted here) get access to affordable dental care. Sometimes, when all else fails and there isn't resources in your area (like free dental clinics), then looking to getting dental benefits is a great option.

Feel free to go to my page for more information or contact me for I'm all for helping those who need help to the best of my ability. Also, since I've had a really bad tooth ache in the past and it hurt like (beep), I wouldn't recommend keep putting off your care because soon your just going to want to yank your tooth out (of course, I don't recommend this at all). Get help today if you can :).

Good luck to you all!

T. Staten

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 in response to getfreedental...   

Hi getfreedental,

 Yes & your welcome! Yes it is a tricky thing that flouride! I agree seek & you shall find!  I really appreciate all your input!!!!!

                                         take care & God Bless you too

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 in response to tam51...   

Hi tam51,

It is good to feel appreciated - thank you!:)  Flouride is a funny business ... a very small amount is used throughout the public water supplies to help keep teeth clean and cavity free; too much floride is not good.  Back in the 1970s, the public workers did not know the best/exact amount to use.  Most areas of the US used too much and some did not use enough.

Atlanta is a LARGE city loaded with clinics ... seek and you shall find:)

Take care and God Bless!

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